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ageLOC Lumispa Skin Care Kit (EU)


You won’t want to miss out on this cleansing beauty tool because it’s not only extremely effective, but it also offers many additional benefits for your skin. For the fourth year in a row, we have been ranked #1 in beauty device systems thanks to our highly versatile and effective ageLOC LumiSpa device system.

It is recommended to use with the Activating Cleanser tailored to your skin type and LumiSpa Accent & IdealEyes for sensitive Eye area.

For best skin benefits, spend two minutes on cleaning and one minute with accent kit on eye care twice a day. With this home spa system, you can enjoy a visible, clinically proven effect in the comfort of your own home.



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Not a favorite for nothing!

37% smoother and softer skin after just one application *

62% more radiant complexion after 12 weeks **

100% visibly cleaner skin after 12 weeks **

77% noticed less visible signs of tired skin around the eyes after 12 weeks ***

Advantage of the application:

  •    Effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil and daily grime
  •    Boosts your complexion’s radiance
  •    Feels fresh, clean, and rejuvenating
  •    Promotes a youthful looking skin


It has been clinically proven that LumiSpa improves your skin’s appearance and does not affect your microbiome. Perhaps you are wondering what a natural microbiome is? There are a variety of microorganisms on your skin, and together they make up your skin’s natural microbiome. Invisible ecosystems play an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of your skin.

The ageLOC LumiSpa skin care system is based on gene expression studies of skin protein production and is dermatologist tested. The LumiSpa’s soft silicone head promotes skin renewal at the optimal frequency, revealing smoother, softer skin within minutes of use. Through its proprietary oscillating, pore-purifying action, ageLOC LumiSpa effectively removes dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants, and toxins. Skin appears smoother and purer, while pores appear smaller after one use. With just two minutes two times a day, you can achieve healthier, more youthful looking skin in just two weeks!



As we age, our eyes become more sensitive. A combination of ageLOC LumiSpa Accent Head & IdealEyes offers the following benefits to aging eyes:

  • You look relaxed and fresh.
  • Dark circle under the eyes are less noticeable
  • Visible improvement in the skin’s firmness.
  • Skin signs of tiredness and stress are significantly reduced.
  • Visible smoothing and tightening of the eyelids.
  • Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes are less visiable
Select Skin Type

Normal to Combination, Oily, Dry, Blemish, Sensitive


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